The last stands of primary forest in Bangladesh are quickly disappearing from the Chittagong Hill Tracts.
Standing for their forest, the local communities of the Chittagong Hill Tracts demand fair opportunities and change.
Empowered hunters are now shooting wildlife with cameras instead of guns.
Workshops engaging nature enthusiasts and researchers alike are conducted every summer.
Local outreach programs are successfully mitigating wildlife-human conflicts.
Globally endangered Phayre’s Leaf Monkeys call the forests of the northeast and southeast Bangladesh home.
The world’s most trafficked mammal, the critically endangered Chinese Pangolin, are highly sought after due to a heavy demand in the illegal wildlife trade.
Our radio-tracking programs, which involve species like this globally endangered Elongated Tortoise, are the first of their kind in Bangladesh.
Villages established in the Sangu-Matamuhuri Valley are no longer sustainable. Their reliance on forest resources must be immediately reduced through innovative solutions.
Through our camera trapping efforts, several large mammal species are now known to still occur in areas where they were previously thought to be extirpated.

Creative Conservation Alliance

Is dedicated to the ecological and cultural preservation within Bangladesh’s last remaining wild places – a critical region of the Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot

Creative Conservation Alliance

The Creative Conservation Alliance (CCA) is a government registered non-profit organization, dedicated to ecological and cultural preservation within Bangladesh’s last remaining wild places. As a critical part of the international Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot - the most threatened Biodiversity Hotspot in the world - these remaining forests offer a refuge for over 29 globally-threatened species. Through our comprehensive approach, we empower local people as stakeholders in their own landscapes.
Our organization is achieving conservation success through partnerships with government and non-government stakeholders, provision of alternative income sources for the local communities, rigorous scientific research, and the sustainable protection of natural resources. Both with our Chittagong Hill Tracts Program and with the Northeast Program, we are giving local communities a voice and the tools to succeed in staving off the destruction that there are lands facing.

Current Projects


Parabiologist Initiative

Parabiologists are one of the foundations of our organization. Local community members-with little to no formal education- are trained to carry out basic scientific tasks such as collecting morphometric data, GPS logging, and telemetry work. These citizen scientists not only play the role of “Role Models” in their community and act as local ambassadors for conservation but without these dedicated souls we would not have the manpower or traditional ecological knowledge of the study areas to conduct our research.

Northeast Program

Utilizing Lawachara National Park in northeast of Bangladesh as an experimental platform, we conduct species-specific research resulting in sustainable management decisions applicable to species conservation in human-modified landscapes. Globally threatened Burmese pythons, elongated tortoises, and Chinese pangolins are studied using radio-telemetry equipment in this mixed-evergreen forest.

Schools for Conservation

Building and supporting primary schools in remote areas, for an amenable exchange of hunting moratoriums of over 15 globally threatened species including elephants, turtles, pangolins, gaur, gibbons, and hornbills. Through this initiative, we can create sanctuaries for the incredible biodiversity within these forests, while bringing literacy to empower the local communities.

Craft for Conservation

Traditional tribal crafts serving as alternative income generation, sustaining our Schools for Conservation and reducing dependency on forest resources. Proceeds from every purchase go directly to the local communities, empowering them to reduce dependency on forest resources. By collaborating with local communities and other non-government organizations we are reviving the lost cultures. Our traditional ethnic crafts are currently being sold at the Aranya boutique in Dhaka, Bangladesh and will be available international soon.

Our Supporters

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